3 years ago

I realized that I could not, with my current obligations, make a comic. Family and work leave little time for learning to draw. So the alternative is to write. I have now started the story in novel form. At least it's a single medium. Unlike a comic which I'd have to write it and draw it.

It's funny. As I look back, I've cut other elements out of this story in each step.

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The Name
4 years ago

Hellshard: Origins.

The story originally started as standalone story. Scoundrel's Cross. Then there were several other stories that were also standalone. Being that they all revolved around the same time period, I eventually merged all three into a single story called Origins.

Over time, I developed the story more and added more plots to bind the three stories together. The history prior to the story has been rewritten several times 

Legends: Nekorathalax
4 years ago

Most stories have a bias. Some stories are altered by the victors. This is one such story. It was common knowledge that the most notorious dragon in Aenteroph was Nekorathalax, named the dragon of hatred for good reason. He slept for many centuries as mankind fought and killed each other and brought destruction upon the land.

Things changed when Cruxix, another dragon, was hunted down and killed. Nekorathalax arose from his slumber and began to wreak havoc upon the cities of man. He fought many human kingdoms for several decades before falling. He left a massive scar on the land of Estand in his path of vengeance for the death of Cruxix.

The nature of how he was slain is where the accuracy begins to get hazy. The humans were falling to the dragon's judgement, and radical plans were considered as they became desperate for their survival. The schemer's name could be Santago. He survived the ordeal and recorded the events for future generations. These written records would get lost over time, but the stories still spread from generation to generation. The story would deviate slightly with each generation. True historians cannot verify his identity or if he participated in any way. With little conflicting evidence, it is the consensus that this is the actual events.

There is another name that has been long forgotten or perhaps more deviously omitted from the history books. The dragon slayer himself. Dego. He lead the assault on the great dragon as it lay in a weakened state after overexerting itself. Dego is the one who inflicted the mortal wound on the dragon but at the cost of his own life. His deeds were recognized but little did the people know, the dragon had one last breath in it as it killed all who knew of Dego's actions. No living soul knows of the sacrifice that Dego made.

But there was one other. Matas. A tiny letter from him to Dego lay on the floor of a ruin overrun with vegetation. It details the plan Matas has for Dego should he not survive. Matas schemed against the dragon to anger him severely. Many towns were mostly evacuated save for a skeleton crew that ultimately sacrificed themselves to be fodder for the dragon's attacks. Nekorathalax's rage was intense. He spent every morsel of energy he had to demolish the towns that provoked him. Matas was killed in the final attack before Nekorathalax collapsed nearby in exhaustion.

That letter is the last remaining piece of hard evidence of the events that transpired. They lay on the floor of that ruin for hundreds of years. People tell tales of Neko-the-wrath-a-lot slayer, praising Sargan, Tantago, or Sarano. History is often written by the victors, but it is further subject to degradation, mistranslation and alterations.

The Background
4 years ago

A few years ago, I had made an android app which ended up being a flop. Scoundrel’s Cross. The artwork was great, no problems there. I had spent all I could on one. The code was solid as far as I know, no bugs. I think there might be bugs with the new version of Android, but I’ve long since refunded everyone and abandoned it. I even uploaded the source code on google code, which is also discontinued.

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