What is Hellshard?

Hellshard is definitely a high fantasy universe. Sure it has elves, dwarves, Uruks (the big brute orcs), and orcs (the smaller nimbler ones). But it also had magic that only works for some races, causing a division between the mundane and the empowered. An old and outlawed practice of magic is beginning to spread behind the scenes. An event is approaching that will change the world forever.

Saro's double life of being a hobo and spy is about to change. Given a simple task of infiltrating someone's estate turns disastrous as he's accused of the master's murder. He flees the estate with his life as he surely will hang if caught. Vanya, the elf bounty hunter, picks up the contract for his capture. Her distrust of all humans makes the job easier to sleep at night. While his capture should prove to be easy, there is a third party that will come into play that nobody, save one, could suspect.

The pieces are cleverly placed on the board now that should end the cycle that nobody few are even aware of.