About me. The author.

Where do I begin? Well, I love to tell stories. Stories with rich lore, and backstories galore. Many years ago, I had aspirations of creating a video game that would take the player through these stories. But one man making a video game like this is better left to those rare handfuls who could endure the hardships of game development by a single person. I did end up making an Android app, that begins the very story I'm telling now. But I could only afford the artwork for 20 pages, being a choose your own adventure, that didn't leave many paths I could branch out. The urge to tell my story and not let the reader take their own path that much greatly hindered the CYOA idea. I fell back to creating a webcomic. With small kids and a full-time job... when am I going to learn to draw. So I reverted back to the one thing I did fiddle in the past 25 years.


English literature was never a strong subject of mine, but that didn't stop me from creating at least five unpublished stories and many other drafts and ideas for other stories. Unfortunately, lost to windows upgrades and hard drive crashes through the years. One should even exist on a floppy disk somewhere written for a Brother Word processor :).

As the years went on, I believe I have matured and my stories have gotten much less derivative. I have many more stories and series to tell, but I'm going to stick to a regular schedule with this one first. Once there's a demand and a budget for these others, I'll add them. I've also got a science fiction one all worked out too, full of secret societies, dystopian-ish future, gunslinging, aliens, space flight, romance, drama, and more.